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SSC Web Services

The Satellite Situation Center (SSC) Web services allow a software developer to use portions of the SSC software in their own application.  If you are not a software developer and simply want to use the existing web interface to SSC, then return to the main SSCWeb page.


SSC is a system to cast geocentric spacecraft location information into a framework of (empirical) geophysical regions and mappings of spacecraft locations along lines of the Earth's magnetic field. This capability is one key to mission science planning (both single missions and coordinated observations of multiple spacecraft with ground-based investigations) and to subsequent multi-mission data analysis.

If you are developing an application that requires satellite location data based upon updated, predictive and definitive ephemeris for the satellites maintained at the SSC, then the SSC Web services can be used to avoid developing and maintaining this data and software yourself.  The following describes how to utilize these services from your own application.

Network Protocol Support

The following web services are currently available over HTTPS and both IPv4 and IPv6. Additional information about accessing these web services over HTTPS is available at HTTPS SPDF web services.

Supported Web Service Styles

The following types of Web services are supported by SSC: Client developers may choose whichever type is best suited for the type of client they are developing.  The following table highlights some of the differences in features supported by the two types of SSC Web services.

Location Information
Conjunction Queries

The following links provide detailed information about the SSC Web service implementations:


Questions or comments concerning these Web services should be sent to SSC Feedback.

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