; ; NOSA HEADER START ; ; The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the NASA Open ; Source Agreement (NOSA), Version 1.3 only (the "Agreement"). You may ; not use this file except in compliance with the Agreement. ; ; You can obtain a copy of the agreement at ; docs/NASA_Open_Source_Agreement_1.3.txt ; or ; https://sscweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/WebServices/NASA_Open_Source_Agreement_1.3.txt. ; ; See the Agreement for the specific language governing permissions ; and limitations under the Agreement. ; ; When distributing Covered Code, include this NOSA HEADER in each ; file and include the Agreement file at ; docs/NASA_Open_Source_Agreement_1.3.txt. If applicable, add the ; following below this NOSA HEADER, with the fields enclosed by ; brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying information: ; Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner] ; ; NOSA HEADER END ; ; Copyright (c) 2014-2017 United States Government as represented by the ; National Aeronautics and Space Administration. No copyright is claimed ; in the United States under Title 17, U.S.Code. All Other Rights Reserved. ; ; ;+ ; This class is an IDL representation of the FileDescription ; element from the ; <a href="https://sscweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/">File Situation Center</a> ; (SSC) XML schema. ; ; @copyright Copyright (c) 2014-2017 United States Government as ; represented by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. ; No copyright is claimed in the United States under Title 17, ; U.S.Code. All Other Rights Reserved. ; ; @author B. Harris ;- ;+ ; Creates an SpdfFileDescription object. ; ; If access to the Internet is through an HTTP proxy, the caller ; should ensure that the HTTP_PROXY environment is correctly set ; before this method is called. The HTTP_PROXY value should be of ; the form ; http://username:password@hostname:port/. ; ; @param name {in} {type=string} ; file name. ; @param mimeType {in} {type=string} ; file's MIME type. ; @param length {in} {type=int} ; file's size in bytes. ; @param lastModified {in} {type=julday} ; time of last modification to file. ; @returns reference to an SpdfFileDescription object. ;- function SpdfFileDescription::init, $ name, mimeType, length, lastModified compile_opt idl2 self.name = name self.mimeType = mimeType self.length = length self.lastModified = lastModified http_proxy = getenv('HTTP_PROXY') if strlen(http_proxy) gt 0 then begin proxyComponents = parse_url(http_proxy) self.proxy_hostname = proxyComponents.host self.proxy_password = proxyComponents.password self.proxy_port = proxyComponents.port self.proxy_username = proxyComponents.username if strlen(self.proxy_username) gt 0 then begin self.proxy_authentication = 3 endif endif return, self end ;+ ; Performs cleanup operations when this object is destroyed. ;- pro SpdfFileDescription::cleanup compile_opt idl2 end ;+ ; Gets the name of the file. ; ; @returns name of the file. ;- function SpdfFileDescription::getName compile_opt idl2 return, self.name end ;+ ; Gets the MIME type of the file. ; ; @returns MIME type of the file. ;- function SpdfFileDescription::getMimeType compile_opt idl2 return, self.mimeType end ;+ ; Gets the length of the file. ; ; @returns length of the file. ;- function SpdfFileDescription::getLength compile_opt idl2 return, self.length end ;+ ; Gets the last modified time. ; ; @returns last modified time. ;- function SpdfFileDescription::getLastModified compile_opt idl2 return, self.lastModified end ;+ ; Prints a textual representation of this object. ;- pro SpdfFileDescription::print compile_opt idl2 print, ' ', self.name, ': ', self.mimeType end ;+ ; Retrieves this file from a remote HTTP or FTP server and writes ; it to disk, a memory buffer, or an array of strings. The returned ; data is written to disk in the location specified by the FILENAME ; keyword. If the filename is not specified, the local name will be ; the same as this file's name in the current working directory. ; ; @keyword buffer {in} {optional} {type=boolean} {default=false} ; if this keyword is set, the return value is a buffer ; and the FILENAME keyword is ignored. ; @keyword filename {in} {optional} {type=string} ; set this keyword equal to a string that holds the file ; name and path where the retrieved file is locally stored. ; If FILENAME specifies a full path, the file is stored in ; the specified path. If FILENAME specifies a relative ; path, the path is relative to IDL's current working ; directory. If FILENAME is not present the file is ; stored in the current working directory under the name ; the basename of filename. If FILENAME is the same ; between calls, the last file received is overwritten. ; @keyword string_array {in} {optional} {type=boolean} {default=false} ; set this keyword to treat the return value as an array ; of strings. If this keyword is set, the FILENAME and ; BUFFER keywords are ignored. ; @keyword callback_function {in} {optional} {type=string} ; this keyword value is the name of the IDL function that ; is to be called during this retrieval operation. The ; callbacks provide feedback to the user about the ongoing ; operation, as well as provide a method to cancel an ; ongoing operation. If this keyword is not set, no ; callback to the caller is made. For information on ; creating a callback function, see "Using Callbacks with ; the IDLnetURL Object" in the IDL documentation. ; @keyword callback_data {in} {optional} {type=reference} ; this keyword value contains data that is passed to the ; caller when a callback is made. The data contained in ; this variable is defined and set by the caller. The ; variable is passed, unmodified, directly to the caller ; as a parameter in the callback function. If this keyword ; is not set, the corresponding callback parameter's value ; is undefined. ; @keyword sslVerifyPeer {in} {optional} {type=int} {default=1} ; Specifies whether the authenticity of the peer's SSL ; certificate should be verified. When 0, the connection ; succeeds regardless of what the peer SSL certificate ; contains. ; @returns one of the following: A string containing the full path ; of the file retrieved from the remote HTTP or FTP server, ; A byte vector, if the BUFFER keyword is set, An array of ; strings, if the STRING_ARRAY keyword is set, A null ; string, if no data were returned by the method. ;- function SpdfFileDescription::getFile, $ buffer = buffer, filename = filename, $ string_array = string_array, $ callback_function = callback_function, $ callback_data = callback_data, $ sslVerifyPeer = sslVerifyPeer compile_opt idl2 if n_elements(filename) eq 0 then begin urlComponents = parse_url(self.name) filename = file_basename(urlComponents.path) endif if n_elements(sslVerifyPeer) eq 0 then begin sslVerifyPeer = 1 endif fileUrl = $ obj_new('IDLnetUrl', $ proxy_authentication = self.proxy_authentication, $ proxy_hostname = self.proxy_hostname, $ proxy_port = self.proxy_port, $ proxy_username = self.proxy_username, $ proxy_password = self.proxy_password, $ ssl_verify_peer = sslVerifyPeer) if keyword_set(callback_function) then begin fileUrl -> setProperty, callback_function = callback_function endif if keyword_set(callback_data) then begin fileUrl -> setProperty, callback_data = callback_data endif result = fileUrl->get(buffer = buffer, filename = filename, $ string_array = string_array, url = self.name) obj_destroy, fileUrl return, result end ;+ ; Defines the SpdfFileDescription class. ; ; @field name file name. ; @field mimeType file's MIME type. ; @field length file size in bytes. ; @field lastModified julday of the last time the file was modified. ; @field proxy_authentication IDLnetURL PROXY_AUTHENTICATION property ; value. ; @field proxy_hostname IDLnetURL PROXY_HOSTNAME property value. ; @field proxy_password IDLnetURL PROXY_PASSWORD property value. ; @field proxy_port IDLnetURL PROXY_PORT property value. ; @field proxy_username IDLnetURL PROXY_USERNAME property value. ;- pro SpdfFileDescription__define compile_opt idl2 struct = { SpdfFileDescription, $ name:'', $ mimetype:'', $ length:0LL, $ lastModified:0D, $ proxy_authentication:0, $ proxy_hostname:'', $ proxy_password:'', $ proxy_port:'', $ proxy_username:'' $ } end