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This file contains a procedure-oriented wrapper to a subset of functionality from the SpdfSsc class (IDL client interface to Satellite Situation Center Web Services (SSC WSs)) library.

Author information


B. Harris


Copyright (c) 2013-2021 United States Government as represented by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. No copyright is claimed in the United States under Title 17, U.S.Code. All Other Rights Reserved.


top source SpdfGetLocations

result = SpdfGetLocations(satellite, timeSpan [, coordinateSystem=string] [, resolutionFactor=int] [, endpoint=string] [, /quiet] [, httpErrorReporter=SpdfHttpErrorReporter] [, sslVerifyPeer=int])

This function gets basic location information for a single satellite from NASA's Space Physics Data Facility Satellite Situation Center. More comprehensive information if available by using SpdfSsc::getLocations().

Return value

SpdfLocations object containing requested data.


satellite in type=string

identifies the satellite whose location is to be gotten.

timeSpan in type=strarr(2)

ISO 8601 format strings of the start and stop times of the data to get.


coordinateSystem in optional type=string default='Gse'

specifies the coordinate system. Must be one of the following values: Geo, Gm, Gsm, Sm, GeiTod, or GeiJ2000.

resolutionFactor in optional type=int default=1

resolution factor. A value of 3 will return every third point.

endpoint in optional type=string default=''

URL of SSC web service.

quiet in optional type=boolean default=false

SpdfGetLocations normally prints an error message if no data is found. If QUIET is set, no error messages is printed.

httpErrorReporter in optional type=SpdfHttpErrorReporter

used to report an HTTP error.

sslVerifyPeer in optional type=int default=1

Specifies whether the authenticity of the peer's SSL certificate should be verified. When 0, the connection succeeds regardless of what the peer SSL certificate contains.


     l = spdfGetLocations('ace',
           ['2013-01-01T00:00:00.000Z', '2013-01-03T00:00:00.000Z'])
     p = plot3d(l->getX(), l->getY(), l->getZ(), window_title='Orbit')

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