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PHP SSC Web Services Example

The Satellite Situation Center (SSC) Web services allow a software developer to use portions of the SSC software in their own application.  The following describes an example of how to utilize the SSC Web Services from a client program written in the PHP programming language. This example doesn't provide any useful, end-user functionality but is intended merely as an example for developers of client applications to examine.


The following is required in order to execute the example program:


The example PHP program is contained in the file WsExample.php. In order to execute the program, save the WsExample.php file to your computer where PHP is installed as WsExample.php.


The following instructions describe how to execute the example PHP program using the Command Line Interface (CLI):
  1. Download and extract the SSC PHP WSDL classes.
  2. Download the WsExample.php.txt file and save it as WsExample.php in the same directory (folder) where the SSC PHP class files were extracted to.
  3. Ensure that your PHP include_path contains the location where the above files were put.
  4. Run the example:
          $ php WsExample.php
This should produce output similar to the following:
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