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Heliocentric Trajectories Web Services

The Heliocentric Trajectories Web services allow a software developer to use portions of the HelioWeb software in their own application.  If you are not a software developer and simply want to use the existing Web interface to HelioWeb, then return to the main HelioWeb page.


The Heliocentric Trajectories Web services provide heliocentric trajectory information for a number of objects.

If you are developing an application that requires this information, then these Web services provide a convenient mechanism for obtaining the information. The following describes how to utilize these services from your own application.

Network Protocol Support

The following web services are currently available over HTTPS and both IPv4 and IPv6. Additional information about accessing these web services over HTTPS is available at HTTPS SPDF web services.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Heliocentric Trajectories Web services SDK consists of instructions and a library to allow a developer to utilize the Heliocentric Trajectories Web services.  The SDK is described here and may be downloaded from here.


The Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is an XML language for describing Web services.  The WSDL describing the Web services is available at the following link:


While the Web services are accessible from any language/run-time that support the Web services interface described by the above WSDL, the Heliocentric Trajectories Web services SDK contains a Java class library to simplify using the Web services from a Java client.  The description of this API is included in the SDK download file but may also be viewed online at the following link: This library was developed using JAX-WS and is included in the SDK described above.


The following are examples of client applications that utilize these XML Web services.
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