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README file for THEMIS_lgraphics:

This file includes several saved SSCWeb query setups for THEMIS related queries on SSCWeb. To start a query just double-click the corresponding html file, which will bring up the SSCWeb page on your default browser with the pre-selected THEMIS-related values, and than click on the PLOT button.

You can now modify the query to your specific requirements and run it again, e.g. you can change the start and stop dates, change the satellites, change existing conditions, or add new ones.

THEMIS_08_73b North American sector, 3/13/2008 (doy=73); Latitude, longitude section and ground stations and projection (Mercator) pre-selected

THEMIS_08_73_polar2 North American sector, Polar projection

THEMIS_07_83_Europe European sector, 3/24/2007 (doy=83), Mercator projection

THEMIS_07_93_Europe European sector, 4/3/2007 (doy=93); Cylindrical projection

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