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APPENDIX E : Glossary

active field - the currently highlighted field on a Screen in which input is accepted from the user or which presents the Command that will be performed if this Field is selected.

button - see push button or radio button

checkbox - a figure used to allow the user to make non-exclusive specifications.

checklist - a possibly scrollable set of textual entries from which the user may make or remove non-exclusive (i.e., one or more) choices that are indicated by marks which appear beside the chosen entries.

click - quickly press and release the mouse button.

command - an order to the computer's user interface to perform some action.

field - any area of a Window in which an option may be selected, a parameter may be specified, or information may be displayed. These include a Checkbox, Checklist, Key in, Label, Multi-line Edit, Push Button, Radio Button, Slider, or Text Display.

menu - a list of choices, among which the user selects desired choice(s), such as: button menu - a Menu of Push Buttons pop-up menu - a Menu of Items activated without a cue to its existence.

menu option - one of the user selectable choices in a Menu.

point - to use the mouse to reposition the cursor to the desired location on the screen.

push button - a rectangular figure which allows the user to execute a Command. When a Push Button has three dots following its label, choosing it causes a new Window to be displayed.

radio button - a figure used to allow the user to make an exclusive specification (or selection) from a group of two or more possibilities. Specifying or selecting a possibility in such a group automatically de-specifies or de-selects any other possibility in that group.

satellites- A scrollable checklist of all the satellites available in the system database. At least one satellite must be selected from this checklist.

select - A data entry field which indicates how many satellites must meet the query criteria, specifically whether 'All' of the selected satellites, or 'Any' particular satellites must meet the query criteria. If 'Any' is selected, the user must indicate exactly how many of the selected satellites must meet the criteria.

text display - an area of a Window which displays multiple lines of read only text.

time range - A start and stop time from which the query processor is to retrieve satellite ephemeris data must be entered. The processor will retrieve epoch data only from the time interval specified. These times apply globally to each condition. Each time consists of a year/day format optionally followed by an hour format. The default value for hours is zero. The formats are as follows:

Year/Day Formats - In each case the 19 is optional

1992 Sep 21 or 1992/9/21 or 1992 265

Hour Formats - The decimal hour may be as many digits as desired and the seconds are optional in the hour:minute:second format.

10.75 or 10:45:43

SSC Users Guide - Table of Contents

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