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SSC Users Guide - Table of Contents


2.1 Getting Started

The interface is constructed using the forms capabilities of World Wide Web browsers and Perl CGI scripts. This easy-to-use interface allows the user to quickly move from one part of the system to another, and to easily specify input parameters and options.

2.2 Main Menu

The SSCWeb contains two science components, Query and Locator. Query allows the user to invoke the Query processor program. Locator allows the user to invoke the Locator program. At the top of the screen for Locator and Query there is an icon for Database listing. This button allows the user to browse available satellite ephemeris. The ephemeris includes the name of the satellite, the time resolution of the data in seconds, time range of available data, and whether the data is predictive or definitive.

2.2.1 Selecting Multiple Items

2.2.2 On-line Help

On line help has been built into SSCWeb. On the pages if a portion of text appears as a link then there is on-line help available. Select the link and the help will be displayed in a frame at the bottom of the page. You can scroll through the help text by using the scroll bar to the right or you can resize the help window by grabbing the verticle bar that separates the frames and moving it the desired direction.

Image: example of on-line help

SSC Users Guide - Table of Contents

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