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SSC 4D Orbit Viewer


Version 4.1.4


Automated Use (Recommended Option)

This section utilizes advanced browser features to provide the most convenient method of accessing the application.


Common Problems

The following provides information about troubleshooting some of the more commonly encountered problems with starting this application.

Symptom Cause Resolution
Unable to launch the application due to Certificate/Digital-Signature issues. Digital signatures are used to ensure the authenticity and integrity of this application. Occasionally, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:
  • Do you want to run this application?
  • Digital signature has expired.
  • Failed to validate certificate.
The following Certificate/Digital-Signature Issues addresses those issues.
Unable to launch the application on a wireless network. Java Webstart is not capable of handling an HTTP redirect command. Some wireless networks employ the HTTP redirect mechanism to perform authentication before allowing wider access to the network. This type of authentication is common on "open" (no WEP, WPA, WPA2, or VPN) wireless networks. HTTP redirection is not likely to be used for authentication purposes on "secure" (WPA, WPA2, or VPN) wireless or wired networks but might be used on such networks for other purposes. The ultimate solution is an enhancement to WebStart that resolves bug 6732753. To minimize your chance of encountering this problem, avoid using a desktop shortcut or menu item to start this application from a wireless network that uses HTTP redirection. Instead, use a browser and this Orbit Viewer page to launching the application. If you encounter this problem, you may be able to recover by deleting all Java temporary Internet files and then using the browser and this page. On Microsoft platforms, the Java temporary files are deleted by selecting Start/Settings/Control Panel/Java followed by General/Temporary Internet Files/Settings and Delete Files.
Installation of the prerequisite software fails indicating that you don't have sufficient privileges to install the software. Installation of the prerequisite software requires administrative privileges on Microsoft® Windows 2000/XP and Apple Mac OS X. Log into the computer with an identity which has administrative privileges or enter the administrative password when prompted. If this is not possible, have the computer's system administrator perform the installation. Unix users can usually acquire most of the prerequisite software in a form that can be installed for an individual user without administrative privileges.

Manual Installation

This section provides instructions for manually installing the prerequisite software required to run the application.  You only need to read this section if the Automated Use procedure above will not work for your platform or if you prefer to do a manual installation.

You must have the following software installed on your system before attempting to use the client:

To install the prerequisite software, follow these instructions:

  1. Open these instructions in a pop-up window (and position the window so it won't be covered by the main window). Do not close either of these windows until you have completed the entire installation procedure.
  2. Follow the instructions in the pop-up window.
  3. When finished, return to this page and attempt to use the link provided in the Automated Use section above to launch the application.

Manual Launch

To run this application, you must ensure that the prerequisite software is installed.  Refer to the Manual Installation procedures. If you have the prerequisite software installed but the Automated Use procedure above failed to provide a functioning link to launch it, the following link can be used to download/launch the application:


The following describes how to uninstall this application and all prerequisite software.

If you originally followed the Manual Installation procedures, then you should refer to the uninstall procedures that accompanied each product (e.g., graphics device drivers, OpenGL, Java 3D, etc.) and follow those instructions.

The 4D Orbit Viewer application can be uninstalled in one of two ways depending upon the platform and version of Java you are using. The two methods are described below.

If you did not have Java before visiting this page and now wish to uninstall it, it may be removed by using the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel.

Web Developers

The SSC 4D Orbit Viewer can easily be used by other web site developers to add the display of orbit information to their own site. For details, see the SSC 4D Orbit Viewer Web Services.


Comments and questions about this application are welcome. Please use this e-mail address to send your comments, question, or problem reports.

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