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IDL SSC Web Services Example

The Satellite Situation Center (SSC) Web services allow a software developer to use portions of the SSC software in their own application. The following describes an example of how to utilize the SSC Web Services from a client program written in the Iteractive Data Language (IDL) programming language. This example doesn't provide any useful, end-user functionality but is intended merely as an example for developers of client applications to examine.


The following is required in order to execute the example program:


The example IDL program is contained in the file In order to execute the program, save the file to your computer where IDL is installed.


The following instructions describe how to execute the example IDL program:
  1. Follow the procedures for configuring the IDL-Java bridge provided with the IDL software.
    • The installation of IDL may automatically take care of all configuration issues but it is worth verifying the configuration and verifying that at least one of IDL-Java bridge examples provided with IDL functions correctly. Refer to the IDL documentation Programmer's Guides/IDL Connectivity Bridges/Importing Into IDL/Using Java Objects in IDL/Initializing the IDL-Java Bridge.
  2. Include the sscWebServicesJaxWs-client.jar file in your CLASSPATH. The specific procedure for accomplishing this varies depending upon the development environment (e.g., Unix or Microsoft windows) and the developer's preference (i.e., global environement variables or the idljavabrc configuration file).
  3. Start the IDL environment.
  4. Compile the program.
  5. Execute the WsExample procedure and compare the output with what you expected from examining the IDL source code.
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