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SSC 4D Orbit Viewer Web Services

Traditionally, the Satellite Situation Center (SSC) 4D Orbit Viewer has been started by a user visiting the application's web page and selecting the "launch" application button.  This resulted in the application starting and prompting the user to enter time-range and satellite information.  The services described below, allow any Web application to conveniently link to the SSC 4D Orbit Viewer in such a way that the viewer can be launched from any web page with initial time-range and satellite information.  This allows any Web application to offer an interactive 4D display of the trajectories of satellites known to SSC.

The available Web Services are:


The following sites utilize these services to display orbit information:

Other Related Services

Developers who do not want the 4D Orbit Viewer but only want access to the orbital data used by the viewer should consider linking to the SSC HTML interface or using the SSC Web Services directly.

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